Monday Night News

Sup ya’ll. Hope everyone had a fantasmic weekend. I spent time with family, spent a little too much money on credy cards, and I’m now budgeting. ;(. Maybe I shouldn’t have bought that Clinique brightening night cream. Damn, why is beauty so expensive?! On a more serious note, One more week till I start my […]

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Our Travels- New York City

Oh, the Big Apple, there’s just so much to say. Even at 4 in the morning, the city feels so alive. I guess that’s why they say NYC is “the city that never sleeps!” I’ve never really considered myself a city person but, damn, did I fall deeply in love! I will be definitely returning. […]

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Maui Pt. 1

My trip this past August to Maui. I experienced the island in all its beautiful ways. I have so many pictures, so I’ll post some weekly and talk about some of the things that I did while on the island.

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