DETAILS Mag & Herradura, SF


Fall semester is finally winding down, and since my workload is a little light this week, I decided to treat myself and my +1 to some midweek partying  . I just came back from the DETAILS magazine part at the Terra … Continue reading

White Frog World Premiere @ SF’s Castro Theater and Asian Art Museum 03/08

We had the chance to watch WHITE FROG at the Castro Theater in SF and we couldn't have had better seating. Having been surrounded literally by the actors of WHITE FROG, it was difficult to keep our heads straight -_-
I was in awe like "is that really YOU on screen right now?!" -Lulu.

Haha. This is Lulu's man.Just kidding. Very nice kid. Very well spoken with his answers. I hear he's the next Tom Cruise of the young generation?? -Daisy

White Frog World Premiere @ SF’s Castro Theater & Asian Art Museum 03/08

I had the greatest time taking photographs of this man, Booboo Stewart, who at the time was interviewing with "Awkward Russell". For some odd reason, I found the moment to be pretty amusing so I couldn't help myself from laughing until Daisy brought me back. I took a breather and started snapping pictures, a lot of pictures. Com'on, its Mr. Booboo Stewart, I guess I was just nervous. -Lulu

His reaction when we told him to "bust a move".

Before we found out our ride was locked inside the garage. Imagine what our faces looked like after! -Lulu.

From the get go Tyler was unpretentious which made talking to him very easy and casual. As for Gregg, with his charming looks and his sexy accent, he had women from red carpet to the Gala mesmerized.

Night's Mission: A dance with Booboo Stewart. #fail :(

Overall this event was unbelievable. For someone who had no idea what she was getting into, I had one of the most exhilarating nights of my life. After the Gala, we headed towards a lounge where we met the band Paperdoll.

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