Our Travels- New York City


Oh, the Big Apple, there’s just so much to say. Even at 4 in the morning, the city feels so alive. I guess that’s why they say NYC is “the city that never sleeps!” I’ve never really considered myself a … Continue reading

And for Christmas I got Pearls!

Hepburn-breakfast-at-tiffanys.jpg (700×553)

It came to a huge surprise that my boyfriend bought me a two strand pearl necklace. He even researched on the authentication of a genuine pearl and everything! I’ve been hinting that I wanted something with pearls just because I’m so jewelry-less nowadays. Plus I like to brand myself as a classic look and pearls are the obvious choice of accessory.


His Christmas present to me is so much more than just a material blessing. It symbolizes so many emotions and personality traits that are found within me. The genuine pearl may look perfect from far away, but each is unique in size and shape. What makes a pearl perfect is the imperfections within it. And I love it. He bought this for me because he knows I like black tie parties and special events, and that he wants me to wear something special. He bought this for me because he knows I’m in love with the 1950’s fashion and all things that are classic. He bought this for me because he knows me. Even more than I know about myself. I know that 40, 50 years down the line, I will be able to wear this necklace again. And I am so thankful to have this man who found a single gift that sums me up entirely.

I can’t wait to wear this on unforgettable nights. I am so thankful for all of my loved ones who has genuinely loved me for me. Merry Christmas everyone!


Love Columns-Rejection

The dating world nowadays isn’t that complicated. It really isn’t. The part where you find someone compatible (obviously the most important) can be difficult to attain. You will meet a ton of different personalities, and it will be a funny or even a disastrous experience. The hardest part is when either you or the other person is no longer interested and you have to cut em’ off. Rejection is tough. But it WILL happen. I myself am too nice of a person and most of the time I can’t really communicate to them that I’m not interested. I stop texting or calling as often, but sometimes people are pretty clueless. I have been rejected before, but I move on. That’s just how it is. So to avoid all of the heartbreaks during dating, here are a few suggestions to help you staying hopeful for love and not a brokenhearted pessimist.


1.       He/She is not the One…

If they don’t take the opportunity to reach out to you. Whether it be from a phone call, a text, or even an e-mail; how could you have a relationship if you’re doing all the work? If the other person slowly stops responding to your texts or phone calls, forget about it. Just keep doing your own thing. If that person is still interested that person will call you.

2.       The “I’m not looking for anything serious” Phrase

If a person says this, it is OBVIOUS that they’re dating not only you, but someone else too. Don’t put all your eggs into this basket, because you’ll end up getting heartbroken when you find out that the person chose someone else over you. My suggestion for you? Date someone else too. You never know if there’s someone better.

3.       Midnight phone calls

If you’re looking for a relationship, but the person you’re dating is only calling you after midnight, you know what you’re made for. It doesn’t matter if supposedly he/she works all day, and wants to see you only after midnight. Seriously, if all you do is “play”, then please don’t be so naïve and think that they may be serious material. I remember some idiots would text “Hey I’m not a lunch/dinner kind of guy, but I do like to drink late night”. What a damn insult. I know what my worth is homie, and you should know it too.


The best advice I can give to my single folks is to just let it be. If you really like this person, but they don’t like you, don’t fret. There are plenty of fish in the sea.

1st Street

Yay, finally some good weather, perfect enough to test out my Nikon camera. I was playing around with the ISO along with the shutter speed today and here are my results with Daisy’s favs in her closet.

I la la looooove the picture above. Not only are the colors vibrant but the picture just tells a story, “could Daisy be waiting for Mr. Newark?”

I think I’ll call the black and white picture “130”. I didn’t quite fancy this picture so much not until I saw this on the screen daddy Mac.

Don’t stop, keep shooting! Some of the best photos were taken one after the other. In doing so, you’ll capture those natural poses and a pretty smile :) Well, that’s what I’ve learned today.

Once I get the hang of this, I’ll post what was used to capture the photos but until then “SAY HELLO TO MY LITTLE FRIEND…”

Lulu B.