Sliced Cucumber

BEFORE (taken from


My mom and I finally agreed on a paint color. We both wanted a minty green paint color to cover the walls of the kitchen and the family room but sample after sample the mint ended up being too light for our taste, almost lime like. Then one afternoon while at Home Depot, I decided to pick up a Behr brochure where my mom, without hesitation, discovered the perfect paint color, SLICED CUCUMBER. Having painted the kitchen and the living room the same color, we were scared the color would be too much and cause an eye sore but, instead, the sliced cucumber came out to be oh so refreshing.

Thanks to HGTV, my family and I are in the process of fixing and remodeling the house. My brothers recently just tore off the carpet in the family room. The new dilemma is now whether to put solid bamboo flooring, which is too difficult for my mom to install, or just lay ¬†new carpet. Mom says, “If it wasn’t for Kenji, I would just put the same laminate floors,” the same Brazilian Cherry laminate flooring she installed on the top floor of each room.


Stay tuned for new developments, L.