DETAILS Mag & Herradura, SF


Fall semester is finally winding down, and since my workload is a little light this week, I decided to treat myself and my +1 to some midweek partying  . I just came back from the DETAILS magazine part at the Terra … Continue reading

And for Christmas I got Pearls!

Hepburn-breakfast-at-tiffanys.jpg (700×553)

It came to a huge surprise that my boyfriend bought me a two strand pearl necklace. He even researched on the authentication of a genuine pearl and everything! I’ve been hinting that I wanted something with pearls just because I’m so jewelry-less nowadays. Plus I like to brand myself as a classic look and pearls are the obvious choice of accessory.


His Christmas present to me is so much more than just a material blessing. It symbolizes so many emotions and personality traits that are found within me. The genuine pearl may look perfect from far away, but each is unique in size and shape. What makes a pearl perfect is the imperfections within it. And I love it. He bought this for me because he knows I like black tie parties and special events, and that he wants me to wear something special. He bought this for me because he knows I’m in love with the 1950’s fashion and all things that are classic. He bought this for me because he knows me. Even more than I know about myself. I know that 40, 50 years down the line, I will be able to wear this necklace again. And I am so thankful to have this man who found a single gift that sums me up entirely.

I can’t wait to wear this on unforgettable nights. I am so thankful for all of my loved ones who has genuinely loved me for me. Merry Christmas everyone!


The Sexy Kitten: Daisy on Trying to Copy Kate Moss’s Look

cn_image.size.kate-moss-extra-pr.jpg (370×500) Well guys,

I’m pretty excited for the holidays and NYE. I got a bunch of fabulous parties to attend and I’m constantly looking at tutorials on how to create the glamour look of old Hollywood. Tomorrow will begin the chain of parties and if it’s not the end of the world, I can try and copy some classic looks.

After figuring out what type of holiday look I’m going for, Kate Moss’s nude-feline-sex face caught me. So with fingers crossed, let’s hope my make-up turns out that way. Here’s a tutorial that I found on Refinery 29 that I’m going to try and follow.

I’ll upload some pics soon so you can see the results. Lulu will also be with me tomorrow night, so i’m guessing we’re partying it up SimpleStella style. That means, all out, but still classy, dancing and partying. Teehee. If you’re in the Bay Area, party it up in SF! It’s wayyy too pretty to stay at home! -Daisy

me and lulu last friday:


Showcase: Livin’ with the Entrepreneurial Spirit //Part ONE

Audrey Mag's Summer 2012 Issue. My first print feature on Cat Seto is in this! Make sure to take a look!

After having writer’s block for what is coming up to be about five months now, it’s refreshing to once again interview and feel inspired. As a writer who relies on inspiration and passion, it’s hard when you have your inspiration … Continue reading

Work Chats- Fall Fashion

Emma Watson in Burberry

Now that i’m at least working somewhat towards my credit card debt, I can dream about what I would buy for this fall season. (Not that I could really afford all of this.) A Mr. “Okinawa” comes into my job … Continue reading

Greenhouse Design Studio Featured in Walnut Creek,CA


Goodmorning everyone! Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. It was beautiful out and I myself took a mini vacay. To start off the week, I wanted all my fellow Bay-Areans to know that Greenhouse Design Studio has reached our lovely … Continue reading