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Happy Monday!

In order to further spread the word for our event coverage within Northern California, we’ve also added our listings to the popular website, Check out the lWedding Photographer & Writer Package! (2 for 1) at Thumbtack! I’ll be active for any questions or tips throughout the rest of the morning -D&L

Summers with Simple Stella

June 2011@ BFD

Every summer Lulu and I try to make the best of the season. Our favorite season, we love to have more fun then the usual. As you can see, Lulu and I are a tad busy with our lives & Simple Stella’s not getting updated like usual. Sorry for the inconvenience. Bu you can count on us enjoying all the fun in the sun with bbq&beers. It’s almost summer and I just got me some shorts and a cute dress to wear. That’s wassup! Anyways, this summer, I plan on enjoying the outdoors as much as possible. I will be making a trip out to So Cal and Lulu will be in Texas. It’s about to be super crackin’. Can I get an amen to that!

June 2011 for my 22nd Bday in SF

What’s New With Daisy

While trying to squeeze in time to write this post, I’m busy doing all the summer errands & I gotta buy some beer&water balloons later. I just interviewed Peggy Li, one of my favorite local jewelry designers, and…..tun dunnna nuh!!! Ya homegirl will be having her first published profile feature in Audrey Magazine’s summer issue! Be sure to go to your local Barnes and Nobs and get yourself an issue.

I’m too busy being happy. Can you blame me? It’s my favorite season and I’ll be turning 23 in less then a month. Plus I guess if you were to ask others who talk to me daily about my “love columns”, they’ll probably roll their eyes and mention just one name and one name only. That’s right. I found myself a nice mister. ;) Regardless, you can count on Lulu and I still making it to events, taking pictures and meeting great people!


Events we Plan on Attending

1.Heiroglyphics Concert w/mr. (Because I’m trying to make my move ;))

2. Memorial Day BBQ w/family and friends- Lulu can you bring your cam or should I? Eh, I can bring it! ;)

3. Lulu heads to Texas- Can you bring me some cowgirl attire (so serious), I need to learn how to ride like a cowgirl.

4. Lulu and I head to either some spa or wine tasting@ Peju Winery

5. I’m going to LA, with tickets to Jay Leno, Universal Studios, and shopping.



Mommy’s Day: Mom, INC Book Launch Party


It was a beautiful day to celebrate all the successful entrepreneur mommies of the Bay Area. My co-worker Tiffany and I, attended Cat Seto’s and Meg Ilasco’s book launch of Mom, INC. Fresh strawberry frescas and little rasberry tarts were … Continue reading

Adventures @ FIVE in Berkeley, CA.

FIVE @ The Hotel Shattuck Plaza, Berkeley CA


It’s been a very long weekend for me and the rainy weather didn’t help much in production either. After lounging around the house for the entire weekend, I was excited for the upcoming outing that me and Lulu scheduled. On Tuesday, Lulu and I met up with Becca of Ruby Press for some good food and drinks. We ended up at this beautiful romantic hotel bar in Berkeley, CA. Located on the urban Berkeleyesque Shattuck Street, finding the classy Hotel Shattuck Plaza was a bit unexpected.  When I walked in, I was pretty much in awe and surprise that there was a place so classy and elegant in this busy and eclectic boulevard. It had sort of a parisienne or romantic feel. I instantly fell in love with this place.

Hotel Lobby

We ended up at the bar, where local commuters were chit chatting and drinking after a long day’s work. The man next to me was enjoying some delicious appetizer while reading Time Magazine. Through the large windows, I can see the rain pouring down hard. Around me were people talking politics, enjoying cocktails, and connecting laptops. This made me feel like I was in another world.


Ari, our bartender was really cool and made us some secret-not-on-the-menu drinks. We both started off with the Chocolate Martini. I thought that was delicious. It had an espresso mocha taste that I know coffee lovers would enjoy. Lulu had the Converter which was this delicious fruity drink which he lit on fire. I ended up with this hibiscus, eldeflower, margarita (forgot one ingredient) that was distinctly tasty and different from what I’m used to. We both had some pulled pork sliders with onion rings that reminded me of sloppy joes. I love my sloppy joes so this was a definitely delish.

 We ended up meeting with Becca, one of our PR coordinators and we shared some good laughs and conversations. We ended up talking about some of the events that we’ll be attending, and all of that good stuff. All in all, it was a great meeting and it was great to meet Becca! Me and Lulu are looking forward to working with Ruby Press :) -Daisy

Events for the Month of April

  1. April 1, 2012- Lulu’s 24th Birthday!! Make sure to send greetings!
  2. April 4, 2012- Convert Shoe boutique opening @ Berkeley, CA.
  3. April 6-8, 2012- SF Fashion Film Festival @ San Francisco, CA.
  4. April 7, 2012- Lulu’s Birthday Celebration @ Osha Thai Embarcaderro (You’re Invited ;))
  5. April 21, 2012- Dina Yuen’s Indonesian Cookbook Launch Event @ San Francisco CA