My New Toy

I can’t remember ever being this busy but I am long overdue for a post. I just bought myself a new camera in which I am super eager to use and learn. Let me remind you, I am, what my little brother would say, a “newbie”. I’ve always fancy taking pictures of nature and scenery but I would use either my camera phone or my Canon PowerShot. I have decided to upgrade to a DSLR because I recently discovered the wonders it can create. During the time of events for Simple Stella, I’d borrow a DSLR to capture significant photos, however, I wasn’t able to use it on my own time. Although this upgrade was quite pricey, it’s an investment since I find myself continuously traveling and meeting new people.

Taken with my HTC Android as it was snowing.

Both (top and bottom) taken with a Canon PowerShot SD750.

Using my new Nikon DSLR camera, I plan on taking random pictures so you guys can see my progress in capturing whatever catches thee eyes.

Time to do homework. Until next post, Lulu