Our Travels- New York City


Oh, the Big Apple, there’s just so much to say. Even at 4 in the morning, the city feels so alive. I guess that’s why they say NYC is “the city that never sleeps!” I’ve never really considered myself a … Continue reading

DETAILS Mag & Herradura, SF


Fall semester is finally winding down, and since my workload is a little light this week, I decided to treat myself and my +1 to some midweek partying  . I just came back from the DETAILS magazine part at the Terra … Continue reading

Put Some Hot Sauce in my Burrito Baby

Daisy and I spent Cinco de Mayo soaking up the sun in the city of Berkeley. I brought along my DSLR to get familiar with it’s functions.

Later that night, we attended the grand opening of Los Toros Restaurant & Bar in Concord, CA.

Hope your Cinco de Mayo was as awesome as ours, L.

1st Street

Yay, finally some good weather, perfect enough to test out my Nikon camera. I was playing around with the ISO along with the shutter speed today and here are my results with Daisy’s favs in her closet.

I la la looooove the picture above. Not only are the colors vibrant but the picture just tells a story, “could Daisy be waiting for Mr. Newark?”

I think I’ll call the black and white picture “130”. I didn’t quite fancy this picture so much not until I saw this on the screen daddy Mac.

Don’t stop, keep shooting! Some of the best photos were taken one after the other. In doing so, you’ll capture those natural poses and a pretty smile :) Well, that’s what I’ve learned today.

Once I get the hang of this, I’ll post what was used to capture the photos but until then “SAY HELLO TO MY LITTLE FRIEND…”

Lulu B.

My New Toy

I can’t remember ever being this busy but I am long overdue for a post. I just bought myself a new camera in which I am super eager to use and learn. Let me remind you, I am, what my little brother would say, a “newbie”. I’ve always fancy taking pictures of nature and scenery but I would use either my camera phone or my Canon PowerShot. I have decided to upgrade to a DSLR because I recently discovered the wonders it can create. During the time of events for Simple Stella, I’d borrow a DSLR to capture significant photos, however, I wasn’t able to use it on my own time. Although this upgrade was quite pricey, it’s an investment since I find myself continuously traveling and meeting new people.

Taken with my HTC Android as it was snowing.

Both (top and bottom) taken with a Canon PowerShot SD750.

Using my new Nikon DSLR camera, I plan on taking random pictures so you guys can see my progress in capturing whatever catches thee eyes.

Time to do homework. Until next post, Lulu