DETAILS Mag & Herradura, SF


Fall semester is finally winding down, and since my workload is a little light this week, I decided to treat myself and my +1 to some midweek partying  . I just came back from the DETAILS magazine part at the Terra … Continue reading

Showcase: Livin’ with the Entrepreneurial Spirit //Part ONE

Audrey Mag's Summer 2012 Issue. My first print feature on Cat Seto is in this! Make sure to take a look!

After having writer’s block for what is coming up to be about five months now, it’s refreshing to once again interview and feel inspired. As a writer who relies on inspiration and passion, it’s hard when you have your inspiration … Continue reading

Put Some Hot Sauce in my Burrito Baby

Daisy and I spent Cinco de Mayo soaking up the sun in the city of Berkeley. I brought along my DSLR to get familiar with it’s functions.

Later that night, we attended the grand opening of Los Toros Restaurant & Bar in Concord, CA.

Hope your Cinco de Mayo was as awesome as ours, L.

Cat Seto& Simple Stella Giveaway Fridays!

Simple Stella Giveaways!!

Ok guys, me and Lulu had decided to give out little treats every friday for our loyal readers. Next friday, we’re giving out some of these cute greeting cards made by my new friend, Cat Seto. Comment on our giveaway posts and we’ll be drawing names from a fedora hat.(old fashioned style) You may be the winner!

I just love her detailed and personalized stationary, and her wedding invitations are AMAZING! (Not like I’m getting married anytime in the future). Cat seto’s stationary has been featured in the Knot Wedding magazine, and in Anthropologie stores across the nation.

 I had the opportunity to visit her store on Polk St. in SF and attend the book launch where we had girl talk while drinking champagne and eating donuts. (An unusual combo, but it was definitely delish) As co-author of the new book Mom,INC I have had the wonderful pleasure to have her as my first interviewee to be published in print in Audrey Magazine’s upcoming Summer Issue. A great start to a new a friendship, Cat has definitely inspired me to continue on in my writing career. 

Cat Seto, Becca of Ruby PR, Melissa, Melissa of Ruby PR, & Kristen of (Kristen showing us how to braid hair)

Check out Cat’s beautiful works on her website at 

AND leave a comment if you want some freebies!


Fighting Crime

Flying Colors Comics in Concord, CA

Okay, so aside from fashion let’s talk about about COMIC BOOKS, yes, comic books. I’m talking about where Batman, Spiderman, Supergirl, Deadpool, Batgirl, and all ‘em other super heros (and villains) come from. I don’t know much but the few things I do know come from thy significant other. Why? Because he’ll quiz me every now and then.

What’s wrong with comic books? I don’t understand why some would consider such things to be sooo “nerdy”. Come on now, what’s so nerdy about Chris Evans playing Captain America or Chris Hemsworth as Thor and, let’s not forget, Ryan Reynolds with Green Lantern (wiping drool off my mouth). No seriously, who doesn’t want to be a super hero and have super powers or super strength? And Comic-Con?! Hello, awesomeness. You see many people dressed in costumes like its Halloween all over again. Let me just say, the next time I attend you will most definitely see me in Comic-Con gear ;)

Here are the few comic books I picked up today (not for me) which are all issues of The New 52s. One of the reasons why I like comic books so much is because of the artwork. The way the artist draws them in action and their face expressions, for example, Marko Djurdjevic.

Above is one of Marko Djurdjevic’s famous covers of the Avengers, some of you might have seen it before. I took this picture from his website Check it out and you might fall in love.

So forget about Dr. Seuss or fairy tale books, read a kid a comic book or two, I’m sure they’ll appreciate them.

DON'T FORGET comic book readers!

Oh, and one last thing…

He wants to fight crime.

Ta ta, Lulu B.

Convert shoe boutique Opening @ Berkeley, CA.

Jeffrey Campbell. Love love love!

After an exhausting day at our day job, me and Lulu were excited to attend the VIP party opening to the new Convert shoe boutique in Berkeley CA. Walking into the store, we were greeted by Becca of Ruby Press PR, a champagne glass, and an entire room full of some beautiful shoes! Oh geez, shoes and wine?! Needless to say, me and Lulu’s exhaustion from work was no longer present. It was time to start snapping away for Lulu, for me to take a gander all the tasty footwear and for the both of us to meet all of these fashionistas and stylistas!

Convert shoe boutique is all about carrying labels that are eco-friendly, socially conscious, and locally established. They carry labels like Toms, Jeffrey Campbell, Civic Duty, Doc Martens, just to name a few. From the products all the way down to the store itself, Convert strives to promote being eco-conscious. The store itself is creatively displayed with recyclable such as cardboard shelves and those little styrofoam “S”‘s decorated in the front window. When I shop at places like Convert, I feel good about shopping here because I know that my carbon footprint is a lot less then if I was to shop at a big retailer. I also love to help out local designers, and Convert showcases local designers like Oaklandish. -Daisy

All the women wanted to give this little boy a hug! Isn't he the cutest thing ever?!

Oh, you know, just another girls night out for Daisy and I. Well, not quite, this was actually our first time attending a grand opening and we described it as “another dimension”. You should have seen us with our timid steps and puzzled faces asking questions to each other like, “what do we do now?”

That was the first 5 minutes because shortly after we were shaking hands and introducing ourselves left and right. Could it have been that liquid courage? Neh, everyone there was easy going which made it simple to create new friends and being encircled by the one thing women love most didn’t hurt. As always, it was great meeting new people and the shoes, Lord those SHOES, were to-die-for. Not only were the shoes stylish and eco-friendly but they literally weigh as much as diddly-squat. Overall, this event inspired both Daisy and I. It shall not be our last! -Lulu

We had a great time, and you can count on us both shopping regularly at Convert shoe boutique. :) -D&L

Mr. Vegas- A Quick Chat with Ryan Johnson

Ryan enjoying a late night stroll

Last January, Lu and I went to Las Vegas, NV. We both needed a vacation from work and school. And what better way to cool off is to fly to sin city and have some sleepless nights? So we ended up flying on the too cool Virgin Air and end up having some of the best nights of our life. Open bars for ladies, Earl’s Sandwich, Buffets..sigh I miss it already. Thanks to all the promoters out there who hooked it up with the “Free Everything Nights”, I am very grateful.

Getting dolled up every night is a must in Vegas

I kept in touch with one of the promoters of Marquee, Tao and Lavo, Ryan Johnson.  I found it really interesting to be a promoter for one of the hottest clubs in one of the craziest cities. After having a few chats with Ryan, I knew I had to keep in touch. Besides working his ass off and having sleepless nights on the regular, he’s a homebody who writes scripts and hopes to be a director someday. I persuaded him to have an interview with me, just to speak about his job as a promoter in Las Vegas. So may I introduce to you Ryan Johnson, promoter for Marquee, Tao, and Lavo. Enjoy ;)

D: Describe your typical day at the office:

Ryan: Well I wake up, eat a balanced breakfast of frosted flakes and donuts, and eat jelly beans while driving to work. I’m totally just kidding. Um well…I  post the event on social media, twitter/fb, go to the office and get the rundown on what’s going on that night. Get some passes for my guestlist, etc.  Then I’m out out in the wild where I hunt.  Like a hunter in the wilderness with a crossbow, I will search for good looking groups of females. Then I weigh out my options for them. Everything varies to certain degrees. As the day goes on, groping starts and stuff like that after a couple of drinks. In the evening I text all of my groups, walk my girls up and enjoy the night!

D: What’s the best part promoting for a club like Marquee?

Ryan:  The best part is also the worst part. Working with beautiful women.

D: What are some of your favorite events at Marquee that you can recommend?

Ryan: When girls from San Francisco come. ;) Well  Kaskade usually ends up getting sold out and  LMFAO performs monthly. (you get to wear tights)

Party Rock!


D: What’s one of Las Vegas’ best kept secrets that people can enjoy?


  1. Try to slip in the rufie before it gets too late in the night.
  2. Girls don’t ever need to pay for anything.
  3. Don’t judge a book by its cover.

God I wish you gave me more time to answer these questions .(while dressing for a night at Lavo)

D: Where can people reach you when in Vegas and would like to party at Marquee, Tao, or Lavo?

Ryan: They can reach me on my facebook. (!/profile.php?id=1293340102)

It’s always a fun time to catch up with Ryan and listen to all his fun/crazy adventures in Las Vegas. Even while conducting this interview, this guy was getting ready for another night at Lavo.  If you are ever in Vegas, make sure to contact him so you can get on the guestlist and not have to wait in those long lines. xx-Daisy

Mr. Vegas and I