I’m moving over you guys to my own site in the mean time. Check it out! I’ll be doing my writing, posting pics, and all of that good stuff on there. xoxo- daisy daisymiclat.com

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It’s time Daisy. When you teeter totter on the edge of life and death, My whole being changes, Into something precious, I want to hold onto it like a newborn baby, carefully cradling and taking care of it, never trying to harm it, but to only understand that this moment is fragile, this moment can […]

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Beach Views + Words

All We Have is Our Word. “When people think you’re dying, they really, really listen to you, instead of just… …instead of just waiting for their turn to speak”- Fight Club I never noticed until now, how much people say so many words that they don’t mean. Or they ramble off and really don’t give […]

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Letting Things Be.

The more I progress in certain aspects of my life, I’m being watched like a hawk. Personally, professionally- my moves are being calculated. The hardest part for me is not letting this effect who I am and what I really want out of this life. And when everyone around you is telling you who you […]

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Happy Holidays! xo- The Intern

Taking a 10 min. break to write this out right quick. Obvi’s I haven’t been writing because I’ve been so swamped with projects galore from my bosses. But I love it. I’ve been learning alot, and I seriously can’t stop myself from working and learning and growing and ahhhhh. If you guys didn’t know, I started […]

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