About Us: We are a group of girlfriends who enjoy livin’ it up in the Bay Areaaaaa!!! Simplestella is our site where we write, take pics, and post videos on our crazy shenanigans, things that we laugh about, and random adventures that we go on. Stay tuned for our comedy sketches, fashion tips by Lisa K, Bombass photography by Lulu, and random ramblings by Daisy. Cheers!! xoxoxoxxoxo- D.L.L









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Daisy: Hello! I’ve designated this site to say whatever I want, so hopefully I don’t get in trouble by future employers (eek!).  A little bit about me- I’m going to school for business marketing, and I live in beautiful Silicon Valley. Recreation-ally, I like to read literary classics, drink cab sauvs, and eat eggs benedict during sunday brunches. Don’t I just sound so pretentious? Don’t let that fool you though, I do enjoy a good IPA, an episode of Workaholics, and hyphy music from the early 2000’s.  Depending on the season, I like to do some kind of past time activity. Since it’s fall as I’m writing this, my favorite past time activity at the moment is snuggling. *teehee.  Anyways, Cheers.

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Twitter: @daisymiclat



imag2954Lulu: So, you vant to get to know me? Well for starters, I love pie, specifically custard; cheesecake is coo’ too. Hold up, cheesecake is pie, right? Although, I’ve been on this beer binge as of late, which has been just totally f’ing up my f’in body! Forgive me Father… it’s been 3+ months since I’ve last worked out. I am musically stimulated. Bobby Darin makes me happy, The Beatles makes me wanna ride, and AC/DC makes me wanna go ridiculously hard. I own a set of drums that await for my play, trust me ya’ll I will master that sh**. Yes, I am the tramp behind the lens that hope to inspire others in some way, shape, or form. Salud, mofos!







lisaLisa: I currently work at a start-up mobile tech company doing marketing ops. As much as I love working in tech, my passion lies with fashion. I spend most of my days shopping online and reading  fashion magazines. Some might describe my style as boho-urban sexy (I love the dark colors and I love being comfy). Fall, I would say- has the best fashion. Cable knit sweaters, boots, leggings, and skirts- comfortable and cute! Anyways, let me stop rambling about the shit that I buy. During cold winter nights, I like to snuggle and watch some of my favorite shows. (Gothem, GOT, Parenthood, Grey’s, etc), eating (what person doesn’t like to eat?), and just going out and doing some outdoor activities. What else can I say about myself…. I’m a bit clumsy and awkward and really never know how to approach people. Which is quite strange cause people do tell me I’m friendly and easily to talk to. You’ll probably get to see it in my writing. Which means I should cut out now. Toodles, xoxo LisaK

2 thoughts on “LULU+DAISY+LISAK

  1. I finally logged on to see all these simplestella on your I decided to check it out :)
    I did not realize that you were so into making videos…liked the MEOW…lol. Good luck to you both and it looks like you two are having lots of fun!!! I would love to see you two the Macarena in a park setting on the playground full of toddlers. Just a thougt…LOL…Just saying :)

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