Barefoot Contessa’s Lemon & Garlic Chicken


Twas’ a Friday night and yours truly was staying home and finishing up on her computer science hw. I’ve been accustomed to taking breaks in between school work to whip up some tasty snacks. Ina Garten’s show Barefoot Contessa is my all time favorite because she cooks up fancy yet simple meals. I bought a bulk of chicken breasts from costco because it was so cheap and about once a week I make some type of chicken dish.

Lemon&Garlic Chicken


I decided to try this very simple yet very tasty lemon and garlic chicken. I added the potatoes just because I had some russet potatoes that were on the verge of expiration. If you love lemon and garlic in your dishes, this obviously the choice for you. Try it out and let me know what you think

Ingredients-( I substituted some of my own)

-2 tbls lemon squeeze

-Some lemon zest

-9 cloves garlic

-Trader Joe’s truffle flavored olive oil. (Because I LOVE the taste of truffles.)

-Dry white wine ( I used sauvignon blanc)

-pinch of some oregano

-salt and pepper

-chicken breasts




Preheat oven to 400 degrees

1. Heat the sauce pan to medium heat.

2.Add 3/4 of olive oil

3. add cloves of garlic (rough chop) for about a min.

remove from heat

4.add white wine

5. add oregano salt and pepper

6. mix and add to the bottom of the baking dish (important, you want the chicken breast to brown on top)

7. salt and pepper the chicken. brush with olive oil. add to baking dish along with cubed russet potatoes.

8. add 8 wedges of lemon

9. bake for about 40-45 min. (Ina’s tips: if it’s not browned well enough, put it in the broiler for a quick few min.)

10. bon apetit!


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