The Sexy Kitten: Daisy on Trying to Copy Kate Moss’s Look

cn_image.size.kate-moss-extra-pr.jpg (370×500) Well guys,

I’m pretty excited for the holidays and NYE. I got a bunch of fabulous parties to attend and I’m constantly looking at tutorials on how to create the glamour look of old Hollywood. Tomorrow will begin the chain of parties and if it’s not the end of the world, I can try and copy some classic looks.

After figuring out what type of holiday look I’m going for, Kate Moss’s nude-feline-sex face caught me. So with fingers crossed, let’s hope my make-up turns out that way. Here’s a tutorial that I found on Refinery 29 that I’m going to try and follow.

I’ll upload some pics soon so you can see the results. Lulu will also be with me tomorrow night, so i’m guessing we’re partying it up SimpleStella style. That means, all out, but still classy, dancing and partying. Teehee. If you’re in the Bay Area, party it up in SF! It’s wayyy too pretty to stay at home! -Daisy

me and lulu last friday:


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