Girl Chat: NFL Sunday Week Faux Ya’ll

It’s week 4 in the NFL season and ya girl is doin’ work. Ok let’s take a step back. It has been four weeks of Sunday’s filled with nothing but football. And I will be honest with all of you, I haven’t watched so much football in my life. I mean the last time I watched a football game was when the Green Bay Packers won the super bowl back when I was 7. (Maybe 96’ or 97?) And you may be wondering, why the sudden interest? Obviously, why do girly girls like myself get interested in sports for? Boys. My boyfriend is an avid watcher, and of course, I patiently watch as well. Little did I know that I would be able to catch on pretty quickly. I even got myself a pretty good Fantasy football team, where I am currently in 4th place. So I decided to take this life lesson of Sunday football and tell you what I’ve learned. Take out the professional commentator and bring in the girly girl voice, let’s review the past four weeks shall we?

  1. NFL’s Hottest Quarterbacks….have now made it on my top 20 list. Green Bay’s Aaron Rodgers is like if Clive Owen had babies with Gerard Butler. The boy is fine. He’s on a lot of funny commercials, so I’m assuming he’s funny, which is another plus in my book. Alex Smith, QB for the Niner’s is just oh so swaggin’ on the football field. Not to mention his style off the field is pretty spiffy. The better looking version of Ryan Gosling, can he be my Noah and I be his Ally? Can he take me to a swan filled lake and then say he wrote to me every day for a year?!? These two make football so much more entertaining to watch. It keeps me intrigued and anxious because I’m waiting for them to take off their helmets.


    1. Niner’s is doin’ work. I live in the Bay Area, and if I was to choose a team between the Raiders and the Niner’s, which one would you think I pick?! Anyways, today’s game against the NY Jets was awesome. Some spoofs that I made while texting le bf… “Who’s Smelvin”, which was Spillman. Kaepernick*?(Too lazy to google his name) I wanted to name him Copernicus. “Mario Manningham, you can man my ham.” & As always, Alex Smith lookin’ oh so good.

    1. My Fantasy Team- Just because you guys might think I have a sucky team. Matt Ryan, Eric Decker, Brandon Marshall, Dwayne Bowe, Chris Johnson, Doug Martin, Rob Gronkowski, Jason Hanson
How my Sunday’s Look Like
  1. Football Food- is FATTENING! Nothing but delivery pizza and beers….should I tell the boys that I can cook them protein lettuce tofurky burger wraps?! ><


Anyways, I’ll try to post girl chats on a regular basis on the current season of NFL. Feel free to comment! I would like to hear how your NFL season is going!


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