Showcase: Livin’ with the Entrepreneurial Spirit //Part ONE

Audrey Mag’s Summer 2012 Issue. My first print feature on Cat Seto is in this! Make sure to take a look!

After having writer’s block for what is coming up to be about five months now, it’s refreshing to once again interview and feel inspired. As a writer who relies on inspiration and passion, it’s hard when you have your inspiration elsewhere. After interviewing the dynamic duo of, the presence of the entrepreneurial spirit has somehow transcended on me. After given the blessed chance of writing for a well known magazine in the Asian American community, (Audrey Magazine), the interviews of entrepreneurs has somehow landed on my lap. And I couldn’t be anymore happier with my assignment. I enjoy speaking with people who have left their day-to-day mundane jobs and traded it in for what they truly love to do. Every business owner knows that it won’t be easy and that it will be hard to make profits. But they all do this because they want to love their jobs. And as I go back to featuring companies and businesses who’s outlook on life isn’t just for mere profit, but for a change in someone’s life as well as their own, I hope to one day leave behind my own mundane job and solely focus on all of these features. Here’s a look back at the wonderful entrepreneurs that I’ve met and spoke with. (Part one)

1. Bhalo- The Eco-Fashionista in all of us



Jessica Priemus is a beautiful Aussie who’s passion for caring helped me learn to be more eco-friendly when it came to my own clothing wardrobe. I was inspired by her to shed light in my writing on eco-fashion brands as well as show ways to help staying green. She was the beginning of my showcase of eco-fashion and all the brands who helped the earth as well as others. I love her clothing and the concept behind the brand is just inspiring. Check it out at


2. For the outdoorsy girl in me: Ailin

First time Skyping an interview, I was faced with choppy signals and pixelated images. But Erin Bell was patient and her smile eased my uneasiness. As founder of Ailin, I enjoyed her passion for the great outdoors. I love her brand Ailin and the fact that her designs incorporated function and style. Erin also shared her passion for helping and her wonderful opportunity of meeting the Dalai Lama at Columbia University. I love hearing stories of inspirations passed from one to another. Shop for funtion and versatility@


3. Velvet Brigade: Jena Wang & Lindsey Mcconnon

I met these two ladies at a Coffee Bean and Tea Co shop on a rainy day in SF. As my first in-person interview, I was so nervous to meet Jena and Lindsey. When I first saw them, I see these two beautiful off-the-runway women coming my way. Super intimated and nervous, I had to push all my thoughts away and continue on with the interview. It turned out to be a very fun and laid back interview. They were both very down-to-earth and very easy going with my questions. They both were Macy’s merchandisers and buyers who wanted to start their own company. Velvet Brigade is a wonderful concept of bringing high street fashion to the finger tips of almost anyone with the passion. Check out their tumblr at


And this was just the beginning for me. Over the next couple of days, I’ll showcase the many talented people that I’ve met and spoke with. It’s amazing to see the companies grow and become who they are today. If you are someone with the entrepreneurial  spirit and would like to share your story, don’t hesitate to shoot me a message. No concept is ever too small or too big to accomplish. Until part two of this showcase, have a wonderful Monday!





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