Work Chats- Fall Fashion

Now that i’m at least working somewhat towards my credit card debt, I can dream about what I would buy for this fall season. (Not that I could really afford all of this.) A Mr. “Okinawa” comes into my job every so often and we talk about fashion every time. I never thought that talking about fashion can give me such a high in my life that speaking about it with strangers further justifies that fashion will and always be one of my passions in life. So here’s my must haves for Fall season 2012.

1. Lululemon Athletica- I have been eye-ing this brand for awhile now. Even though summer’s almost over, don’t forget to stay in shape and work out. I know it’s just for working out, but what I have learned is that if you have the stylish gear that is also functional for whatever exercise you’re doing, it works perfect. You have a longer stamina, and you feel sexy afterwards. Throw away those 1980’s baggy t-shirts and replace with Lululemon’s perfect Y-tank.

Y-Tank, Simple, functional and sexayy
Lululemon’s Define Jacket 99.00 Perfect for running or running errands

2.BOOTS, BOOTS, BOOTS – Tory Burch & Hunter London

This year, I’ve chosen two styles and two brands. First, Tory Burch riding boots that looks classic, simple, and with the signature designer emblem at the top. I’ve been egging my boyfriend for some Tory Burch wedges, but since it’s fall it’s time to go towards boots. I’m not asking for too much am I?

As seen on Vanity Fair

I’ve never owned a pair of rain boots in my life. Might as well start now…and might as well start with the most elite of the elite, Hunter rain boots.

Hunter Wellington’s

3.Burberry Trench Coat- Damn, well I might as well move to London for the fall season.

Emma Watson in Burberry

4. Wide Leg Denim Jeans- By Hudson
I’m done with skinny jeans. It’s been awhile now. Very unflattering on my butt, and my pair of wide leg jeans have been getting my compliments from my boyfriend who thoroughly enjoys the view. (Perv). Farewell skinny jeans, we were good while it lasted.

After checking out what i’ve chosen for fall, I realized that either A. I’m getting old and I no longer care about the fads, or B. I should move to Europe or C. That I love classic-never-fails-me pieces. Anyways go out there and go shopping before it’s too late. I know I can’t buy it all, but send us some pics and share us your fashion stories. I would love to get a fashion forum thing on this. Until then, Happy shopping! And Happy almost fall!

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