Traveling on a Budget Pt. 1- Hotels

Taken while laying on a hammock in Maui, HI 2011

Goodmorning everyone! Well it’s already 11a, but my job scheduled me off for today. Hope everyone had a lovely weekend. I got to experience a little taste of warm weather the past weekend. It was beautiful in the Bay Area! Sighh..Back to the workweek and already an overcast of yucky weather, my summer has left again. Back to my calendar of penciling in and whiting out, I couldn’t help but look at my 3 Day Vacation coming up in May. SO freakin’ excited for that weekend, we hardly ever get anything off together. Today I start planning on our little Simple Stella Getaway. Of course, we’re travelling on a budget. We’re two college students who got bills to pay, so we need to find the best hotel at the cheapest price. Luckily, my sister introduced me to cheap traveling a couple of years back, and ever since I’ve been getting the best deals.

Last January, our trip to Vegas costs us about $200.00 per person. We flew Virgin Air for only 39.99 one way, stayed at Planet Hollywood Towers for $60.00 per night, and had free cocktails and club entry to everything. Ok, maybe because we’re girls and Vegas loves to wine and dine girls. But the hotel and air fare deal were pretty good.

Our Plan

We plan on travelling to Monterey Bay, Santa Cruz, or even Los Angeles. We’re both beach girls, and I was finally hoping to take the top off my Jeep Wrangler. We plan on staying up late, sleeping in, soaking up the sun at the beach, and visiting some of Yelp’s best rated restaurants. My first to-do on the list?

The Hotel

Name Your Own Price!

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I’ve been pretty spoiled as a kid staying at some really nice hotels. And it sucks when you’re the one who has to start paying for everything. Thank god for PRICELINE’S Name Your Own Price. I’ve been able to book hotels at the Hyatt Regency, Planet Hollywood Towers, Crowne Plaza Suites, and other really nice hotels. The trick to making this work? Start at $50.00 for a three star hotel. If it’s a busier day, start at $70.00. If I didn’t find this little gadget, then I’d have to be staying at the local motel 6. Terrible.

(Pic courtesy of

Don’t mind staying in another guest’s home and enjoying a homemade breakfast? is a place where you can find local listings to shared homes, vacation homes, or sublets. This site is awesome. There are reviews from past visitors, photos, and the prices are very affordable.

Off to seek for a cute hotel to house us girls for the weekend. If you guys have any other suggestions, feel free to let us know! -D.

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