Cat Seto& Simple Stella Giveaway Fridays!

Simple Stella Giveaways!!

Ok guys, me and Lulu had decided to give out little treats every friday for our loyal readers. Next friday, we’re giving out some of these cute greeting cards made by my new friend, Cat Seto. Comment on our giveaway posts and we’ll be drawing names from a fedora hat.(old fashioned style) You may be the winner!

I just love her detailed and personalized stationary, and her wedding invitations are AMAZING! (Not like I’m getting married anytime in the future). Cat seto’s stationary has been featured in the Knot Wedding magazine, and in Anthropologie stores across the nation.

 I had the opportunity to visit her store on Polk St. in SF and attend the book launch where we had girl talk while drinking champagne and eating donuts. (An unusual combo, but it was definitely delish) As co-author of the new book Mom,INC I have had the wonderful pleasure to have her as my first interviewee to be published in print in Audrey Magazine’s upcoming Summer Issue. A great start to a new a friendship, Cat has definitely inspired me to continue on in my writing career. 

Cat Seto, Becca of Ruby PR, Melissa, Melissa of Ruby PR, & Kristen of (Kristen showing us how to braid hair)

Check out Cat’s beautiful works on her website at 

AND leave a comment if you want some freebies!


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