Fighting Crime

Flying Colors Comics in Concord, CA

Okay, so aside from fashion let’s talk about about COMIC BOOKS, yes, comic books. I’m talking about where Batman, Spiderman, Supergirl, Deadpool, Batgirl, and all ‘em other super heros (and villains) come from. I don’t know much but the few things I do know come from thy significant other. Why? Because he’ll quiz me every now and then.

What’s wrong with comic books? I don’t understand why some would consider such things to be sooo “nerdy”. Come on now, what’s so nerdy about Chris Evans playing Captain America or Chris Hemsworth as Thor and, let’s not forget, Ryan Reynolds with Green Lantern (wiping drool off my mouth). No seriously, who doesn’t want to be a super hero and have super powers or super strength? And Comic-Con?! Hello, awesomeness. You see many people dressed in costumes like its Halloween all over again. Let me just say, the next time I attend you will most definitely see me in Comic-Con gear ;)

Here are the few comic books I picked up today (not for me) which are all issues of The New 52s. One of the reasons why I like comic books so much is because of the artwork. The way the artist draws them in action and their face expressions, for example, Marko Djurdjevic.

Above is one of Marko Djurdjevic’s famous covers of the Avengers, some of you might have seen it before. I took this picture from his website Check it out and you might fall in love.

So forget about Dr. Seuss or fairy tale books, read a kid a comic book or two, I’m sure they’ll appreciate them.

DON'T FORGET comic book readers!

Oh, and one last thing…

He wants to fight crime.

Ta ta, Lulu B.

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