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Hello again. It’s Daisy and I am here to offer my personal services to your fashion wardrobe. I’ve met alot of people who ask for advice on what’s the newest trend in fashion. And if you know me, I can go on for hours talking about fashion and all the cute new outfits that are out for the season. For those of you who find it difficult to know the newest trends or just don’t have any time at all to go shopping, I am just an email away to helping you in your fashion crisis. Believe me, when it comes to dressing proper for an occasion, it is very necessary to have the best outfit. After all, first impressions do count in under ANY circumstance. On a date, a business meeting, or even a cocktail party, consider me as your go-to gal.

To start off my styling portfolio, I’ve decided to use my friend Jack as my first subject to style. For the past few weeks, we’ve been chatting back and forth on what he should buy to re-vamp his spring wardrobe. He’s asked me specifically to pick some outfits for his trip to sunny San Diego and the surrounding areas of Cali. To determine his style, I asked him questions about his interests, hobbies, and what he usually wears. After all, it’s not my job to give you guys a “makeover”, but to bring out your own personality in your fashion wardrobe. Here are some outfits that I picked out for his trip to the west coasts.

Jack’s style:

Light grey v-neck sweater, white collar undershirt, Deisel denim slim fit jeans, & black and white classic Chuck Taylors.

What he’s requesting:

Some new picks for his trip to California.

A change in shoes, that will be professional and comfortable enough work for press conferences, meetings, and outings

Swim shorts

A new brand in jeans

As for the little collage that I created up top, I put all the trends that are in for spring.

Starting off to the left hand, the spring parka creates a more rugged look to a classic style. My brothers and sisters are raving about the brand G Star Raw and I am starting to fall in love with their jackets as well. I love the utility look and the functionality in jackets is definitely important for mens wear. After all they don’t carry huge hobo satchels around.

For shoes, I chose J. Crew’s MacAlister suede boots in stone. My brother-in-law bought two pairs just because it’s super comfortable and stylish. A great buy for spring, these shoes match with almost anything you wear.

Chambray? Hell yes. I’ve always liked a man in Chambray when the sun is out. A staple top that should be in every man’s closet.

Every woman enjoys their favorite pair of jeans. Whether it may be due to the fact that it may give you a nice lift to the buttocks or even elongate your legs, we all have a favorite pair of jeans. Acne Denim is all about customizable denim for women and men. With so many great styles and washes, I’m kind of in love with this brand.

As for the pictures below, I chose a few staple pieces for Jack that’s definitely going to be needed on the trip. This Paul Smith dress shirt is the perfect shirt to wear to both press conferences and a day out on the boardwalk.

Paul Smith 435.00

Swimming in Cali? Duh!! That’s why we have beautiful sunkissed tans. Can’t get enough of the Cali weather. For Jack, one piece of a bright color can be a little taste of color for his spring wardrobe. Since he wears neutral colors alot, I decided to go easy and start off with his swimming trunks. I absolutely adore this Lacoste drawstring swimming trunks. (Or maybe the model himself.)

Lacoste, 95.00

To end on a Cali girl note, I of course have to represent one of my all time favorites, Vans. To complete the look, Vans Authentic in white goes with everything that I picked. For this styling request, I’ve picked out a few necessary pieces that are more simple and classic. I love to suggest pieces that won’t go out of style. Fads are great, but if you’re like Jack who likes things simple, it’s essential to buy more apparel that are long lasting and of good quality. I’m definitely for sure Jack will enjoy the beautiful weather in the pieces that I suggested. :)

authentic vans white 42.00
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