Me, My Sister, & Palty on a Saturday Night

Palty Asian Hair Dye

After declaring my abstinence on technology and leaving my phone at home, it came to such luck that my sister had her internet open and ready to browse. Hence, I am on this soul sucking machine and ready to write about what I did tonight. =(

So my sister has been looking all over the place for hair dye that’s made for asian hair. After browsing the internet and reading plenty of reviews, the asian girls raved all about the brand Palty. You can find this brand at your local oriental store or asian supercenters. If you can’t find it anywhere, just go on where they sell it for about 14.99

Anyways, I was really excited to dye her hair this golden brown color, and after just 20 minutes the color turned out perfect. My sister has black natural hair, so it’s a great product if her hair turned out the same color on the box. Here are the results!


Before: Natural black asian hair
After: Golden brown

After getting her hair did, I decided to put some make-up that she doesn’t often wear…

I decided to put some red lipstick on her and cat eyes to create the retro look with her new do'

This little retreat definitely helped with some quality sister bonding time and being able to do all the girly things that I enjoy doing. Have a good weekend! xx-Daisy

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