Paint in my Hair

Hey, it’s Erilou giving you a whole different perspective on “love”, “relationships”, and all that mush… First off, I’m not much of a writer myself so I’d like to keep this simple and short. I’ve been in a committed relationship for quite some time now and, like Daisy, I am no expert on this topic (trust me) but here’s my 2 cents on what I BELIEVE keeps “lovers” happy.

“It’s the simple things in life we forget”, we’re so caught up with this complicated thing called “life” sometimes we forget what genuine company feels like. This past week, I was able to put everything aside (work, school, friends, family, stress of life, etc.) and just enjoy the company of my significant other. Finding time to do things together I believe is important in any relationship to keep the bond as strong as it was in the beginning if not stronger.

First stop, Vegas. Yes, believe it or not, if you’re not searching for clubs, Vegas is do-a-ble for couples. There are other things to do in Sin City together like see a show. We had the chance to see Cirque Du Soleil Ka, which by the way was “legend… (wait for it)… dary”.  Vegas has an array of entertainment to choose from that both can take pleasure in seeing. There’s also the option to gamble. In one Black-Jack table, I witnessed a total of 3 couples who were all having a good time laughing and supporting each other over a game of cards.

Next stop, Tahoe. What more can I say? It’s snowboarding season (woohoo) and, in addition to that, there’s skiing or just good ol’ sledding. Neither does one need to acquire such skills for any of these activities; just as long as your out playing in the snow with each other it should be one hell-of-a time. For me, since the slopes were closed due to the weather (bummer) it was putting tire chains together in the snow that stood out to be the most amusing time on the trip.

Ya’ll don’t have to do much or go very far to do things together. Take a walk to the park, attempt to do P90X together, play co-op mode of Twisted Metal or battle online with others on Halo, go to your local coffee shop, watch a movie,ETCETERA, ETCETERA, ETCETERA. This is one way to keep happy in the relationship, just find time to get away from what can be a “messy” world.

(I currently have yellow paint in my hair because I’m in the process of moving. The paint refuses to come off even after a shower and against my hair it looks grey. So for now, I think I’ll just call myself Rogue) -Lulu

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