Bucket List: Watch A Kickboxing Fight? CHECK

Winner of California Super Lightweight Title, Nemo


Who: Me, my friend Tiffany, her hubby, & his co-workers

What: Internation Kickboxing Federation (IKF)’s Muay Thai fight competition

Where: Fairfield, CA.

Who competed? From SF to Merced & in between.

     Yesterday, I had the pleasure of attending a Muay Thai fight in Fairfield, CA. It was my girlfriend’s birthday and her husband who’s an instructor in Martial Arts had tickets. For a first timer, I had a really fun time and I tried my best to keep up with the hits and all of that. Walking into the auditorium, the setup and everything was what I expected. There was a fighting ring that looked super legit. We ended up sitting at a reserved table, and I was able to sit up really close. Beers, hot dogs and nachos were being served by sexy chicks, and the whole scene was a total guy experience. All ages, kids all the way up to grandparents were cheering on their fighter.

Dustin Andrick


Steve Swaby throwing a punch

It was a very exhilerating experience to watch the fights. It’s totally different to watch it on TV and when you watch it live. You can hear the slap of the roundhouse kicks on the fighter’s thighs. The bleeding noses dripping on the fighter’s white shorts. It gets pretty gory. Anyways, it was a good time, and I can’t really say anymore since I am not really educated on this subject. But I do look forward to watching some Kickboxing and MMA fights in the future!  ;) -Daisy

He tatted up!

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