I’m moving over you guys to my own site in the mean time. Check it out! I’ll be doing my writing, posting pics, and all of that good stuff on there. xoxo- daisy daisymiclat.com

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It’s time Daisy. When you teeter totter on the edge of life and death, My whole being changes, Into something precious, I want to hold onto it like a newborn baby, carefully cradling and taking care of it, never trying to harm it, but to only understand that this moment is fragile, this moment can […]

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Beach Views + Words

All We Have is Our Word. “When people think you’re dying, they really, really listen to you, instead of just… …instead of just waiting for their turn to speak”- Fight Club I never noticed until now, how much people say so many words that they don’t mean. Or they ramble off and really don’t give […]

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Letting Things Be.

The more I progress in certain aspects of my life, I’m being watched like a hawk. Personally, professionally- my moves are being calculated. The hardest part for me is not letting this effect who I am and what I really want out of this life. And when everyone around you is telling you who you […]

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Happy Holidays! xo- The Intern

Taking a 10 min. break to write this out right quick. Obvi’s I haven’t been writing because I’ve been so swamped with projects galore from my bosses. But I love it. I’ve been learning alot, and I seriously can’t stop myself from working and learning and growing and ahhhhh. If you guys didn’t know, I started […]

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New Ideas for Simple Stella

As we continue to brainstorm our new launch for this site for January 2015, I thought i’d like to share a little bit, a lil sneak peek of what we’ve been doing so far with SimpleStella. I met up with lulu this past weekend and went back to my hometown. 15 min. away is Napa, […]

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Day Off Needed

“If we learn to open our hearts, anyone, including the people who drive us crazy, can be our teacher.” ― Pema Chödrön I don’t know how this quote pertains to my day off, but I like Pema Chodron, and this is the first quote that I came up on. Excuse me, it’s my day off, […]

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Let’s be Boys

After an exhausting and grueling day of working a 9 hr shift, organizing next school quarter, and applying for internships, I felt that I needed to write about something light and breezy. There’s no way I can even come up with anything meaningful or deep right now. So to de-stress and relax for the time […]

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Looking Into the Mirror

“Living is a form of not being sure, not knowing what next or how. The moment you know how, you begin to die a little. The artist never entirely knows. We may be wrong, but we take leap after leap into the dark.” -Agnes De Mille As a writer, there were several times in my […]

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Our Travels- New York City

Oh, the Big Apple, there’s just so much to say. Even at 4 in the morning, the city feels so alive. I guess that’s why they say NYC is “the city that never sleeps!” I’ve never really considered myself a city person but, damn, did I fall deeply in love! I will be definitely returning. […]

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Maui Pt. 1

My trip this past August to Maui. I experienced the island in all its beautiful ways. I have so many pictures, so I’ll post some weekly and talk about some of the things that I did while on the island.

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Days Off & Eggies Scramble.

I love eggs. I really do. On weekends, I force my boyfriend to wake up early so we can hit up some brunch spots for some eggs benedict and country potatoes. This morning, I made a quick scramble inspired by my favorite fresh ingredients, Anthony Bourdain and his trip to Istanbul(or some other country I […]

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DETAILS Mag & Herradura, SF

Fall semester is finally winding down, and since my workload is a little light this week, I decided to treat myself and my +1 to some midweek partying  . I just came back from the DETAILS magazine part at the Terra Gallery in Sf. I had a wonderful time and also saw beautiful art. The tequila […]

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Promoting Stuff Right Quick

Long time to post guys! Me and Lulu are just ever so busy with our school and work, it’s ridiculous. We do have some upcoming events we’re going to cover for Simplestella. Be on the lookout for coverage on CAAMFest next week. We’re about to get dolled up and get our gala on! oh What?! […]

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Leftovers Quesadilla

Ingredients- Mission Tortillas, Provolone Cheese, Arugula, Egg Whites, Tomatoes, Canola Oil This is the alternative to eating randomly healthier. (With all the egg whites and whatnot) Directions 1. fry some egg whites 2. heat the skillet at medium heat 3. brush the tortilla with canola oil (or EVOO) 4. place tortilla on the heated skillet 5. add the toppings. about […]

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And for Christmas I got Pearls!

It came to a huge surprise that my boyfriend bought me a two strand pearl necklace. He even researched on the authentication of a genuine pearl and everything! I’ve been hinting that I wanted something with pearls just because I’m so jewelry-less nowadays. Plus I like to brand myself as a classic look and pearls […]

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Thumbtack.com & S.S.

Happy Monday! In order to further spread the word for our event coverage within Northern California, we’ve also added our listings to the popular website, thumbtack.com. Check out the lWedding Photographer & Writer Package! (2 for 1) at Thumbtack! I’ll be active for any questions or tips throughout the rest of the morning -D&L

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Work Chats- Fall Fashion

Now that i’m at least working somewhat towards my credit card debt, I can dream about what I would buy for this fall season. (Not that I could really afford all of this.) A Mr. “Okinawa” comes into my job every so often and we talk about fashion every time. I never thought that talking […]

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Summers with Simple Stella

Every summer Lulu and I try to make the best of the season. Our favorite season, we love to have more fun then the usual. As you can see, Lulu and I are a tad busy with our lives & Simple Stella’s not getting updated like usual. Sorry for the inconvenience. Bu you can count […]

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Concert Season Commence

It’s May and I have yet to attend a concert. I am so mad at myself! (not really)  I missed out on the Black Keys& Arctic Monkeys, and there’s a high possibility that I will not be attending BFD 2012. Regardless of the fact that Lulu and I have been having a blast attending red carpet, […]

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Writer’s Block Bug :(

With a bad case of writer’s block, and with a distracted mind; I apologize for not writing this week. It seems as if my life has turned into the love columns for everyone else. And you know my rule of nothing too personal on Simple Stella. So here’s some events that Lulu and I are […]

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Sliced Cucumber

My mom and I finally agreed on a paint color. We both wanted a minty green paint color to cover the walls of the kitchen and the family room but sample after sample the mint ended up being too light for our taste, almost lime like. Then one afternoon while at Home Depot, I decided […]

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Love Columns-Rejection

The dating world nowadays isn’t that complicated. It really isn’t. The part where you find someone compatible (obviously the most important) can be difficult to attain. You will meet a ton of different personalities, and it will be a funny or even a disastrous experience. The hardest part is when either you or the other […]

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